Really? You Wear Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids? Yes - but only if no one notices them. Signia hearing aids are inconspicuous and can be discreetly operated with a smartphone.

Hearing aids? Yes – but only if no one notices them. Many hearing impaired persons feel this way. Signia hearing aids not only disappear unobtrusively in or behind the ear, they can also be discreetly operated with a smartphone.

The Signia Ace is no bigger than a fingertip and sits lightly and almost imperceptibly behind the outer ear. The hearing aid can be selected to match the hair color. Even with a short haircut, it can only be seen when viewed very closely. Otherwise it is not noticeable. The same is true for the Signia Insio. As a so-called CIC (completely-in-canal) model, this mini-hearing aid vanishes almost imperceptibly in the ear canal and offers the highest level of discretion.

Easier understanding with the latest technology

Although they are small, the Signia Ace and Insio provide with maximum comfort. Both models use the latest hearing technology. They focus on and automatically highlight the speech of the respective conversation partner while reducing incidental and background noise of all kinds. This way, listening and understanding – even in situations with a multitude of voices – is easier than before.

Discrete remote operation with a smartphone

Another plus: Signia Ace and Insio hearing aids can be operated particularly discretely via smartphone. Free apps are available for iOS as well as for Android. These can be used to adjust volume or tone, change the hearing program, or activate and regulate the integrated tinnitus noiser. All while others believe that the hearing aid wearer is simply checking e-mails on a smartphone. It couldn’t be more discrete!

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