Lotus Hearing Aids from Signia: An Innovative Path to Better Hearing

If you are hard of hearing and need hearing aids, yet live in a region without access to modern and affordable hearing aids, we now have a solution for you.

We know there are many people who would like to have modern hearing aids, but are denied access due to a lack of suitable facilities as well as financial means. As the innovation leader in the industry, we have developed a solution: our new Lotus hearing aids.

The offer: modern and versatile

We have developed the four new device families Lotus Prompt, Lotus Run, Lotus Fun and Lotus Fast under the name Lotus. You can choose your hearing aid depending on the type and severity of your hearing loss and your financial options. There are the small in-the-ear hearing aids that disappear discretely in the ear canal, and behind-the-ear hearing aids for the most diverse needs. One thing they have in common: They contain modern and reliable hearing technology.

The way to get them: short and simple

We have come up with something special to enable the supply of modern hearing aids in regions lacking hearing care professionals. After analyzing thousands of hearing curves from hearing impaired persons, we developed various basic settings for the Lotus Fun and Lotus Fast. Due to that, most of them can be fitted without special software and hardware. A healthcare professional trained by us can help select the most suitable setting for you – at the touch of a button. The Lotus Run can even be customized further via a smartphone app. Those within reach of a hearing care professional can select devices from the Lotus Prompt family that are adjusted by computer with special software. These versatile front-runners from the new Lotus portfolio are available in various amplification classes and housing versions, even as a very small in-the-ear device which is virtually invisible from the outside.

The result: better hearing and understanding

With our new Lotus devices, we want to help you. So that you can communicate more easily with others and enjoy life more.